Group Therapy: Target Practice

Doug Kim invited Kathy Ham, Deveren Werne and me to target practice via “Group Therapy” at the Greenville Gun Club. Kathy and I are novices to the world of handguns, bullets, targets; in fact, I believe Kathy had only held and fired a weapon once, and I hadn’t even held a weapon yet. 

The morning of our therapy was dreary and chilly — I hoped that the drizzle wouldn’t play havoc with our plans.  As it turns out, weather conditions don’t matter when you are at the  Greenville Gun Club’s shooting range. The range has a large covered area that protects you from the elements.

Doug Kim and Kathy Ham, InnoVision Advisory Board Member

Doug Kim instructs Kathy Ham (aka Angie Dickenson!) on the proper method to hold a .22

Before we were allowed to pull the trigger, Doug had a little “Show and Tell”….stressing safety, knowledge, and familiarity. Prior to holding the first bullet, we learned the parts of the handgun, the proper technique to hold a weapon, and the terminology and vocabulary involved with target practice.  Hot:  Safe to fire.  Cold:  Weapons down on the counter–don’t even touch the ammo.  Chambers, sights, calibers, weights, recoils, muzzle, trigger, magazine, and more;  Kathy and I were fairly quick about picking up the correct lingo and learning the rules.   

.22 Ammo

An open, full box of ammo

Doug had purchased two extra large targets for Kathy and I to use during our practice.  We each started by loading one bullet into the chamber–then, gripping, adjusting, lining up the sights, and aiming…all before we pulled the trigger.  We moved onto loading three bullets into the chamber, then repeating the process.  After a while, we both felt comfortable enough to load about 6-7 bullets in the chamber, then aim at our target and pull the trigger.  We both struggled to find even the paper, let alone the bulls eye in the beginning, but as our confidence grew, our aim steadily improved.  In the meanwhile, Deveren was shooting a 9mm at his target.

Deveren Werne shooting target practice on InnoVision Group Therapy outing

InnoVision Advisory Board Member Deveren Werne shooting target practice during Group Therapy at the Greenville Gun Club.


Doug encouraged us to try the 9mm handgun so that we could experience the differences between the .22 and the 9mm.  The differences are pretty significant; the 9mm is bigger and heavier, requires larger ammo, sounds louder, has a sharper recoil, and definitely leaves a larger impression on the target.

Target Practice:  Martha Winebarger's

Placement indicates that InnoVision Advisory Board Member, Martha Winebarger is a trigger slapper,  Rx to cure?  Practice and a steadier release next time on the range!

At the very end of our practice, we corralled our spent shells, packed up the gear, and left to enjoy a quick bite to eat before rejoining the working world.  What a perfect Group Therapy outing!  We all enjoyed every minute of target practice, and I confess to being hooked.   I’m joining a few friends and taking a CWP class through Definite Defense —  I am really looking forward to it!

The InnoVision advisory board members work diligently to highlight the state’s best and brightest innovators and thinkers.  Thankfully, we have the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company, sometimes over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or Group Therapy at the Greenville Gun Club.

Martha Winebarger
InnoVision Advisory Board Member